Transformation of Danish Food Scene April 6th, 13:00 - 13:30

Transformation of Danish Food Scene April 6th, 13:00 - 13:30


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The food tech scene is booming. Nordic and international food brands are looking for better, sustainable technology solutions to stay ahead of competition while investors are seeking new, exciting opportunities in the food tech space.

Bringing the community together for a continuous conversation, new business models, technological update and an industry co-development is essential from the business and market perspectives.


We will discuss the transformation of the food sustainability from charity minded to investment mind community. What type of disruptive technologies are currently transforming our food system and the latest trends driving investment
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Frederik Lean Hansen, Co Founder

Søren Riis, Co Founder & Associate Professor of Philosophy

Rasmus Erichsen, CEO


CPH Food Tech makes the food technology happen.

With an open-source community of do'ers we co-create newfood solutions with hands-on projects and experiments. Curiosity, knowledge sharing and hands-oncollaboration provide the basis for tackling the challenges that exist with the world’s current foodsystems.

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Delihood is a new online platform established by a group of Danish food enthusiasts. It allows you and your neighbors to share homemade food with each other, which might otherwise be wasted. The purpose is to help stop food waste and create community busy people and food enthusiasts in between. You get access to a large selection of different foods that are made with the love of private chefs


Stop Spild Lokalt is a voluntary association that fights food waste in 109 Danish cities. We work mainly on Facebook, while we also have physical presence around the country. Stop Spild Lokalt is reducing food waste, helping thousands of people every day.