The Future of Protein April 6th, 15:00 - 15:30

The Future of Protein April 6th, 15:00 - 15:30


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Let’s talk about the future of the essential macronutrient: protein?

Should we continue consuming animal-based products when cellular cultures can be grown in a laboratory? How are emerging food commodities like insects and ‘plant-based burgers’ destabilizing traditional agriculture? What role should industrialized nations play in feeding the world’s growing population?


I will tell you about the realities of the protein challenge of the upcoming decennial and how to create enough protein in a way that is healthy, affordable and good for the planet

Mante Sidlauskaite - Co Founder and CEO with Cogastro

Mante started to farm edible insect 2 years ago and find a chance to combine new skills with previous experience within IT industry. 

This led to development of specialized precise farming tool that is build to serve for this relatively new industry.

Mante believes that edible insect is a source of protein that has a huge potential to take significant part in overall protein market within near future. 

Henrik Rendbøll - CEO

Henrik, known as “Hampe Henrik” (Hemp Henrik) has been dedicated to spread the use of hemp in food and skincare has since 2015 been in charge for building the hemp sortiment at Møllerup Estate.

An entrepreneur by heart and love to work with good healthy sustainable production.

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Cogastro - Insect farming made easier - full cycle solution that tracks and understands your operations. Cogastro digitize data collection and analysis process within edible insect farms to increase efficiency and assure traceability.

Møllerup Estate dates back to 1200 where the first know owner was Marsk Stig who was accused for killing the Danish King in Finderup Lade. Møllerup established Møllerup Brands as a production, marketing and sales company with focus on its own hemp production.