How Technology is Reducing Food Waste April 6th, 14:00 - 14:30

How Technology is Reducing Food Waste April 6th, 14:00 - 14:30


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Around the world, farmers, cooks, innovators, and entrepreneurs are developing technologies to address issues in every aspect of the food system. Nordic food tech is offering alternatives for managing and rescuing food through technology in their own ways. Food waste software strategies are converting leftovers into big business. Listen to how they are doing it and how they are thinking about the future of waste.


We will talk about rescuing food with the power of community, technology and awareness. And how specifically innovative data re distributes perfectly nourishing calories.
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Philippe Schuler - Food Loss & Waste Expert

Young man in love with nature and that has now found his calling to fight climate change: food loss and waste. It all started with dumpster diving and long hours writing the master thesis on the subject. 

Martin Grådal - CoFounder & CTO

Concerned with the ethical treatment of animals and the impact of food production on the environment. Has previously co-founded an online auction company and worked as a technical consultant to companies in industries ranging from telecom and automotive to food and healthcare

Petra Kaukua - Co Founder & CEO

Coming from the forests of Northern Finland, Petra learned to respect nature from a very young age, and has now dedicated her life to making the world a more sustainable place - through ugly and surplus fruits and veggies.

Micheal Haase - Founder & CEO

CEO and Founder of Plant Jammer, former McKinsey consultant who moved into food because it is the ONE area where private individuals can significantly improve global sustainability... even without involvement of governments or big corporates.

Too Good To Go brings people together to fight food waste, through an app that connects users to stores that have unsold, surplus food.


Whywaste’s digital solutions help the store personnel both find and sell the products in due time.

The system keeps track of all products in store and alerts personnel when a batch is at risk of expiring and where it’s located.

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GRIM fights food industry beauty standards by delivering organic, ugly and surplus fruits and vegetables in form of a food box subscription to private customers, as well as by supplying food businesses with GRIM produce.


Plant Jammer uses Artificial Intelligence to adapt a smart cookbook to you. It learns what you have at home and what is healthy for you - and then develops super relevant recipes that you can make at the whim. It's plant-based and its zero food waste.