Circular Economy & Community for More Sustainable Food Systems April 6th, 12:00 - 12:30

Circular Economy & Community for More Sustainable Food Systems April 6th, 12:00 - 12:30


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The linear food system is ripe for disruption. For every euro spent on food, society pays two euros in health, environmental, and economic costs. With 80% of all food expected to be consumed in cities by 2050, businesses, public bodies, organisations, institutions, and the people located within them hold the power to revolutionize our food system.

Cities can transform from black holes sucking in food, energy, and other resources to engines of a regenerative food system and bio economy. The transition to a circular economy will see production which regenerates rather than harms the natural systems upon which it relies, food waste designed out, and food by-products used at their high


We will talk about circularity & collaboration in food branch. Consumer behavior, work with the governments, and the impact of technology on collaborative food industry
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Sofie Hafström Nielsen - Founder & CEO

Previously, Sofie worked as a strategy consultant for Implement Consulting Group and has a Masters degree in Finance and Strategic Management from CBS. She wants to help people share culture and dinner, because she is a social, passionate foodie and traveler

Alexander Kidd - Founder & CEO

is the founder and CEO at KOBAJ - Half Irish and half Dane, he spent the last ten years managing businesses in different companies around Denmark. Alexander is a man full of ideas, joy and an unending work spirit. He loves craft beer, fine wine and a nice glass of Irish whiskey.

Elis Joudalova - Market Growth & Channel Islands Food Waste Consultant

Elis has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for food, food waste and sustainability.  She discovered the start up called OLIO – the Food Sharing Revolution online and kick-started it in Jersey in May 2017. She has grown it on a voluntary basis to an island wide community led movement supported by over 10% of the entire population.

Comeat is an international dinner club that helps travelers, expats and locals connect over shared food experiences in Copenhagen and Milan.


KOBAJ is an online marketplace that connects European craft sellers and buyers of the wine, beer and spirits industry. Enabling sellers to show, brand and sell their products and both private and business buyers to source directly.


OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away.