Our goal is to awake and inspire more people towards pure food, art and sustainability. We are surely not alone on this mission.


Organisations & Collaborative projects

We are seeking support and cooperation with the food industry, organic community, research and art support. Food Art Faces is intended to be a travelling arrangement,  promoting the knowledge and inspiration into the new locations. We are open to many form of collaborations, as long as we share same green values.

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Brands & Vendors

Food Art Faces  consists of a month long art exhibition and 6 educational activities. This creates a unique opportunity to elevate your brand in the capital of EU leading organic nation.

As a partner you get to reach out to a dedicated network of food sustainability opinion leaders, allowing you become a part of a timely and important message and movement, giving your brand measurable impact and meaningful exposure.

Coverage & Attendance

Food Art Faces target both food industry insiders and the public audiences with profound interest to food design & production.

Our social media channels combined count  75K Facebook, 45 K Instagram and 2K Twitter followers.  

We are connected to the key Danish food influencers and A listers in the restaurant branch. Our own PR agency helps to promote the event to the general audiences and make it a success.

All in all, Food Art Faces aims to attract:

  • Main HoReSta media, journalists and bloggers.

  • 250 food industry influencers from the restaurant branch, retail and organic food manufacturing, food tech startups, sustainability champions

  • 200+ attendees for the dedicated workshops, min 50 specifically interested attendees per dedicated workshop.

  • 25 000 Reffen attendees over the Food Art Faces exhibition period of 5-28th of April 2019

Sounds Exciting?

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